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Bill Jackson


Pioneering US educator whose contributions have been instrumental in introducing and promoting Singapore Math and the collaborative professional learning model known as lesson study from Japan.

Lead author of the innovative new Singapore Math textbook series Dimensions Math

With over 40 years of experience as a teacher, math coach, and academic director in US schools, Bill's expertise has made him a highly influential figure in the field of education.

Stationary photo
His true passion lies in empowering educators worldwide by sharing innovative math teaching methods from Singapore and Japan, while advocating for the widespread adoption of lesson study.

Since 1999, Bill has been collaborating closely with Japanese, Singaporean, and American educators, gaining deep insights into and effectively implementing Singapore Math and lesson study practices.

Notably, Bill is the esteemed author of the widely acclaimed


 following the highly effective Singapore math approach. Moreover, he is currently developing education materials based on Singapore and Japanese math principles, custom-tailored for students in 


With an unwavering commitment to advancing teaching practices and fostering collaboration among educators from diverse backgrounds, Bill Jackson continues to shape the future of education in the U.S. and worldwide.

Unlock Your Educational Potential with Bill Jackson Consulting

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