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About Bill


Bill Jackson teaching

Bill Jackson was one of the first teachers in the United States to implement Singapore Math, Japanese math and lesson study in U.S. public schools, since 1999.

He has over 30 years of experience as a classroom teacher, math coach, academic director, and teacher of graduate level math courses.


Bill is the lead author of Dimensions Math textbook series and he provides math training to teachers in the US and other countries.

About Singapore Math, Japanese Math, and Lesson Study

comparing and contrasting solution methods area rectangle

Singapore math focuses on problem solving using a concrete to pictorial to abstract approach. Singapore math is famous for the model drawing approach to solving word problems.


Japanese math is based on teaching through problem solving. Lessons typically begin with a problem that students do not know how to solve. Students solve the problem on their own and share their various solution methods, including errors. The methods are then discussed, compared, contrasted and generalized.


Lesson study is a collaborative professional development approach where teachers collaboratively plan, teach, observe and discuss actual classroom lessons. 

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