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Singapore Math Demystified

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What Is Singapore Math, and What It is Isn't

From the initial moments of my earliest encounters with Singapore math, my journey has led me to delve deeper, travel to the heart of Singapore to gain an enriched understanding of their education system, particularly the nuances of math instruction. Along the way, I've undertaken the task of authoring textbooks for both Singaporean and American publishers, enabling me to bridge the mathematical pedagogies of both regions. The ripples of these experiences have carried me to educational institutions across the United States and around the globe.

Amidst educators, parents, administrators, and the general public, a veil of uncertainty often shrouds the essence of Singapore math. My aspiration is for this book to serve as a beacon, dispelling misconceptions and unraveling the true nature of Singapore math—clearing the fog and bringing into focus what it embodies, as well as what it does not.

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